Best practices MIF Russia 2020 – The Nutcracker

Our team in Russia has put together compilation of best practices they have found effective during the year of 2020 when COVID forced business in Russia to go fully online. The best practices list is a combination of innovative marketing activities and references of new approaches co-developed with our clients.

MIF Russia 2020

MIF Russia has announced a contest “Implementation of training into practice”and has established an annual prize: a Nutcracker figure for participants in MIF programs who successfully mastered and implemented acquired knowledge and skills in the workflow. The MIF team together with the superior of the training participants choose the winners.

The bravest and most purposeful participants receive an iconic prize from MIF as a symbol of their attitude to create the best, manifestation of their will, purpose and achievement of what is conceived!

Participants enthusiastically relate to this prize, our task is to our mission is to attract companies to participate in “the Nutcracker contest”. Benefit for us: increasing customer loyalty, attracting additional attention to our programs.

The participant’s review on the training and the contest

Coffee with an expert

Mif Russia coffee

MIF Russia launched a free online project in 2020. Participation in the event is free, only registration is required.

Each meeting is dedicated to a separate topic delivered by invited experts. Topics range from ‘project management in crisis’ to ‘emotional intelligence development’.

These activities are useful for both managers and project participants. At these events, people are active, become loyal customers, pay interest on MIF Russia training programs.

In total, 8 events were held on the Zoom platform as part of the project ′′ Coffee with an expert ”, 8- in 2020, 1- in 2021. We want to make an event of this project every 2 months.

Records of this project are publicly available on our Youtube channel

Marathon ”Effectiveness in the project from hand to hand”

Kemira Marathon

The MF Russia team together with the team Kemira organized and conducted a one week online marathon ′′ Project management from hand-to-hand ”. The online event was on Zoom and Telegram platforms.

The main tasks of the marathon were to involve participants who have already passed our training and make them key players in the marathon. The participants filmed video stories of their colleagues, where they talked about the success of the implementation of the received tools into practice, they posted posts written by the trainer, and they gave and checked homework for the participants of the marathon. So, Kemira’s employees shared their experience of using tools of personal and team effectiveness with the marathon participants on behalf of those who are already using the tools obtained at the Institute of Management in Finland.

The most active participants of the marathon received prizes:
1) Certificate of participant
2) Online learning ′′ How to be happy at work and at home!” (2 hours)
3) Harvard business review series books

Interview with Heikki Kuhmonen, Kemira

MIF Russia Open Day

Mif Russia Open Day

On November 27, 2020, a festive open event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of MIF in Russia. The event took place from 7:30 to 22:00 online on the Zoom platform.

We have demonstrated our best practices, best experts, shared fresh ideas and new ways of learning and development.

4 sections worked all day: LEADERSHIP, PROJECTS, HR, PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS. Topics range from “Global vectors of the development of the leader of the 21st century” to “Nutrition: where to get energy from? Energy, where are you?”. 15 speakers have prepared their performances that took place in different formats, some of them were held as dialogue, master class, round table, business game, 10 performances in TED Talks style.

The event records are on our Youtube channel




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