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Cross-culture – a necessity in cross-border cooperation

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Despite the pandemic Covid- 19 MIF has successfully completed the international cooperation in the Finnish-Russian border regions within the project “Speak Business: Strategic Planning and Project management in the cross-border area”.

The aim of the project was to increase co-operation between the Finnish and Russian border regions through research on the possibilities of activization of Russian business potential in Finland and realizing joint projects. Launched in November 2018, the project was part of the extensive Karelia CBC (cross-border cooperation) cooperation program.

Midst of a corona pandemic MIF completed all tasks of its part of the project including the analysis of the labor market of Oulu Region within the project requirements, preparing and providing the 36 hour course with selected representatives of business in Raahe, which was highly appreciated and showed the real needs of this sector. In 2019, despite of coronavirus MIF fully realized 4 days visit of Russian partners in Oulu and Raahe to present project proposals what helped develop new ways of working in international cooperation. The most important activity of 2019 was preparing and elaborating MIF’s digilearning course which was completed in December 2019 and tested by Russian and Finnish users.

This unique base of courses includes a variety of topics proved to be relevant and attractive for participants of the MIF’s part of CBC project. Our partners (RANEPA Academy and University of Eastern Finland) also contributed to the digilearning course with materials presenting their results.

One of unexpected results of MIF’s part of the project was understanding how important is to work with cross – culture gap between individual Russian and Finnish entrepreneurs. Both countries do a lot to ease the start of the cross-border cooperation but still there is a lot of to do in order to eliminate fears and prejudices. Based on scientific data, MIF’s course helps Russian entrepreneurs to establish trusting and reliable relationships with Finnish business partners.

With this new experience and results MIF is sure that it influences positively on the cross-border business activity in postpandemic period and brings new joint projects with our Russian partners.

The Speak Business project was part of the Karelia CBC cooperation program, which is funded by Finland, Russia and the EU Commission. The project was implemented in Russia by the Karelian Education Development Foundation (KEDF) and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), as well as in Finland by the Management Institute Finland and the University of Eastern Finland.


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Michal Frackowiak
Deputy Director for International Projects

Frackowiak Michal

Michal Frackowiak

Project Coordinator
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