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Effective Working in Multicultural Teams

Paikka: Asiakkaan toiveiden mukaan

This training is designed to coach professionals to succeed in a multicultural working environment.

Paikka: Asiakkaan toiveiden mukaan

Ever faced the feeling that diverse cultural backgrounds – in addition to providing richness to one’s working environment – provide a source for misunderstandings and conflict, too?

This training helps you to get the best result with the least friction in your multicultural working environment.

You learn to understand the most crucial cultural differences, recognize the potential pitfalls in multicultural team work, and develop your own skills to excel with colleagues from different cultures.

Target group for Working in Multicultural Environment training

Professionals who work with colleagues and collaborators from diverse cultural backgrounds, e.g.

  • project and team members and leaders
  • those who deal with distributors or suppliers
  • people working with subsidiaries in different countries (e.g. HR, Finance)
  • people belonging to global (virtual) teams.

In short, this is a training for a professional who work with people from different cultural backgrounds.

To succeed in today’s multinational business environment, it is not enough that you are familiar with international business etiquette; a more thorough understanding of the impact of cultures is needed.

Contents of Effective Working in Multicultural Teams

The influence of culture on people

  • How cultural background affects day-to-day communication
    • understanding differing cultural expectations
    • choosing the right channel and style, so that your message is understood correctly
  • Understanding what people’s real meanings are, when they might not communicate them directly
    • the tricky concept of yes & no
  • Cultural dimensions and their effect on organizational culture and multicultural teamwork
  • The challenges of virtual communication
    • how to communicate effectively on the phone, via e-mail and in virtual meetings
    • special cultural challenges

Influencing across cultures and dealing with conflict in multicultural environment

  • How culture affects what we value and what motivates us
  • Recognize crucial differences in hierarchy and leadership styles in various cultures
    • wanted and expected behavior
    • what could destroy trust and how to avoid that?
  • Influencing internationally – horizontally and vertically (facts, deadlines, relationships, personalities, values)
  • How to deal with conflicts

Benefits and objectives of Effective Working in Multicultural Teams

  • Understand the underlying cultural values and issues better, and learn effective ways to deal with them (e.g. communication, time management, feedback)
  • Get proven ideas for inspiring and motivating across cultures to get the best out of your collaborators
  • Learn ways to handle cultural conflicts
  • Be more flexible and resourceful in a multicultural environment
  • The bottom line is to enhance your performance in a multicultural workplace: how you get the most out of the opportunities and resolve the challenges that a culturally diverse workforce offers.

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