Instructions on billing

Invoicing instructions for Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy

Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy uses electronic invoicing. It is our preferred way of receiving invoices from suppliers.

VAT code FI24602815
OVT code: 003724602815
Operator: BasWare (BAWCFI22)
Form: Finvoice

We receive email invoices and attachments in pdf form at Write “MIF” in the subject field of your email; this is important as this email address serves multiple companies.

Invoicing address for paper invoices: Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy, 00064 ADMINISTER
Please invoice promptly and make sure you include the relevant project code and name of your MIF contact as reference on the invoice. Please note that our terms of payment is 30 days.


Verkkopalvelussamme käytetään evästeitä mm. tilastointiin ja käyttökokemuksen parantamiseen. Käyttämällä verkkopalveluamme hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lisätietoja

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