Become proactive in negotiations by developing your international negotiation skills: learn how to use your own personality traits and boost your planning and preparation.

Develop the three key components of successful negotiating:

  1. Using your own personality
  2. Understanding the influence of cultural differences on the negotiation process
  3. Learning effective tools for negotiation preparation

Improve your skills in an intensive workshop that includes a thorough personality analysis, useful negotiating tools and tips, practical exercises and negotiation simulations with feedback. You will learn not only from our international trainer, but also from the experiences of your fellow participants, since all participants are involved in international business negotiations in their work.
The workshop is carried out in English.

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Who Should Attend the Negotiation Workshop

If you participate in international negotiations, you will benefit from the Advanced Negotiations workshop. You might work in international sales (e.g., sales director/manager, CEO) or be involved in sourcing negotiations with subcontractors (e.g., sourcing/purchasing director/manager). Or you may be involved in other demanding external/internal corporate negotiations (e.g., CTO, CIO, CFO). Whatever your negotiation needs are, this training program gives you the edge in tough negotiation situations.
The typical industry sectors of previous participants have been, e.g., electronics, other high tech machinery/product manufacturing, medical, scientific, research and IT.

Benefits of Advanced Negotiations Skills Training

  • Increase your ability to negotiate more effectively across cultural barriers
  • Apply global negotiation techniques with confidence in complex business environments
  • Reduce contractual risks

Negotiation Training Program Contents 14.6.2018

This training links the demands of effective negotiation with the affects of culture. By understanding these affects we can adjust our approach to ensure clear effective communication.

  • Direct and Indirect Communication
  • Persuasion and Reasoning
  • Building Trust
  • Perceptions of Time
  • Leadership-Power-Hierarchy
  • Determining the audience’s attitudes and needs

The training days are from 9 am to 4 pm.

Advanced Negotiations Training Price

790 € + VAT 24 %.
The price includes the  one day training workshop, training materials and refreshments.

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