In 2016, Finland was one of the largest recipients of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the European Union, fueled by Tencent’s acquisition of Supercell shares from Softbank. In addition to Okmetic and the aforementioned, not many deals have yet been executed in Finland.

Join us to hear the latest insider information on what’s really happening on the ground and what are the possible future directions.

China BusinessCafé-tilaisuus | MIF

The event is in English. For description in Finnish, click here >>

The lecture by Fintrade-Mercer Group provides a rare inside view of Chinese investors, their behavior and targets.

Joining Fintrade-Mercer Group’s Chairman Jari Vepsäläinen, is Mr. Robbin Bishoen, who advises a wide-range of China’s largest asset companies and currently oversees different investment targets in Finland.

In addition to Mr. Vepsäläinen and Mr. Bishoen, Mr. Jarmo Saaranen, Chairman of VNT Management Oy, will also provide a case from a Finnish venture capital manager’s perspective: How China helped to create one of VNT’s best success stories.

Targeted to

The event is aimed at all companies interested in learning more about the Chinese Foreign Investments.

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Contents and timetable

Registration & coffee
Oulu at 12.30-12.45
Turku at 8.45-9.00
Helsinki at 8.30-9.00

Opening words
Oulu: Rauno Logrén, Development Manager, MIF
Turku: Jaana Mäkikalli, Director, WTC Turku
Helsinki: Jani Tuuri, Portfolio Manager, MIF

Outlook to investments from China, opportunities and challenges
Jari Vepsäläinen, COB, Fintrade-Mercer Group

Chinese SOE and Conglomerate Investments
Robbin Bishoen, Senior Advisor, China Overseas Holding Group

Case: The Switch China
Jarmo Saaranen, COB, VNT Management Oy

Management trainings: Management Institute of Finland
Rauno Logrén/Jani Tuuri


End of event
Oulu at 14.45
Turku at 11.00
Helsinki at 11.00


Jari Vepsäläinen

Keynote speaker is Mr. Jari Vepsäläinen, founder and COB of Fintrade-Mercer Company in Hong Kong. Mr. Vepsäläinen has executed more than 250 large and medium scale investment projects in China since 1985, and acts also as the Co-Chairman of China Foreign Investment Committee.

Robbin Bishoen

Assisting keynote speaker is Mr. Robbin Bishoen, an ex-investment banker, who acts as a senior advisor to Chinese conglomerates and possesses significant expertise in energy & power, smart cities and new technologies.  Mr. Bishoen has recently taken the role of Co-Chairman of IPPF China committee.

Jarmo Saaranen

Presenting the case study is Mr. Jarmo Saaranen, Chairman of VNT Management, a Finnish High-Technology Venture Capital investor and asset manager. Mr. Saaranen has been an early stage investor in many of the Finnish companies that nowadays are on the verge of making it big in China.

Time and place

The event is free of charge, but only for a limited number of participants!
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Time:  Monday, May 29th  2017 at  12.30-14.45
Place:  Technopolis, Elektroniikkatie 2, 90590 Oulu


Time:  Tuesday, May 30th  2017 at  8.45-11.00
Place:  WTC building, Veistämönaukio 1-3, Turku


Time:  Thursday, June 1st 2017 at  8.30-11.00
Place:  HTC-house Santa Maria, Tammasaarenkatu 5, 00180 Helsinki

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The Helsinki venue is fully booked! Please sign up to a waiting list

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