Improve your export sales skills – guarantee your own success.

Developing your own sales skills gives you keys to even better success in export sales.

The underlying idea in this training is to develop your sales skills by making the best use of your own personality.

The competition on international B-to-B markets is fierce. In addition to a good product/service you need a correct way to approach your customer, with the arguments that are relevant to him/her. The features and benefits of your offering are a starting point in export sales, but what’s really meaningful for your customer is that s/he can reach his/her own goals and targets – especially financial ones.

International Sales Skills training meets these challenges of global sales. In this export sales training you learn a comprehensive, yet simple method for mapping the customers’ business situations. You also train to utilize your own personality to your advantage in getting the sale: from attracting your customers’ interests all the way to getting their buying decision. You became more aware of psychological and cultural aspects that play a role in sales situation – and how to best utilize them.

Meet the challenge of constantly increasing competition in international business by polishing your own sales skills to a maximum.

Small training group and intensive workshops guarantee that you learn both from trainers and from the fellow participants who, like you, are B-to-B professionals in international business.

This training is run in English. Now starting for 18th time – reserve your place!

Benefits of The Export Sales Training

  • Identify where your customers’ real challenges are and provide more complete and better matching solutions
  • Expand your sales toolkit by familiarizing yourself with various sales methods
  • Present your offering solely in comparison to your customer’s own objectives and interests
  • Recognize your own style in sales, and its effect on others
  • Gain more clarity to present your main message in sales situtions

Who Should Attend The International Sales Skills Training

International Sales Skills training is targeted for professionals working in B-to-B export sales or otherwise in B-to-B customer interface having sales opportunities. The training is especially suitable, if your product is complex and/or selling means involving multiple influencers and decision makers. In addition to sales managers this training suits well for product managers and sales engineers, who want to improve their sales skills.

Content of The B2B Export Sales Training

International Communication in Business 10.10.2017

  • How culture(s) affect us as sellers and buyers
  • Does “compelling communication” have a nationality? Relations, facts and sales
  • Feelings are Facts – crucial elements of customers’ decision making
  • Intercultural communication styles around the world as selling tools

Objective Based Selling 11.10.2017

  • Customer´s business objectives as a basis for your sales
  • Do you concentrate on needs and problems or offer measurable changes?
  • Calculating measurable benefits for your customers

Presentation Skills in English, Part 1: online

2x 45 min self-study online sessions

  • Effective Structure for Presentations

2x 45 min self-study online sessions

  • Communicative Visuals for Presentations

30 min 1-to-1 live online coaching based on your own presentation

Presentation Skills in English, Part 2, face-to-face session 7.11.2017

  • Convincing Delivery of Presentations
  • Delivering your own 10 min presentation:
    – receive feedback on the structure and visuals of your presentation, in addition to the delivery
    – feedback given by the trainer and fellow participants, thus you receive multiple views

Psychology in Sales 8.11.2017

  • Utilize research results of social intelligence in sales situations
  • Recognize your own style and its effect on others
  • How to cope with failure – and success

Tools for Solution Selling 16–17.1.2018

  • Gather, analyze and utilize customer information systematically in order to provide more complete and better matching solutions
  • Identify and understand where the real challenges in your customers’ business are
  • Get a deeper and more insightful understanding of your customer’s complete business situation
  • Simple, yet elegant tools:
    – 7P® Model for creating a complete, holistic view
    – Pings for recognizing the most important themes
    – 3LT® Questioning and listening technique for creating a deeper understanding of relevant topics
  • Effectively map information for developing comprehensive solutions
  • Learning from real life: consulting exercises based on your own cases

Sales 2.0 – take full advantage of digitalization in sales (half day) 17.1.2017

  • The new importance of marketing in solution selling
  • The major shift on which part of your customers’ buying process you enter -maybe?
  • Prepare for a new sales process, where customer makes 60% of the work

Price for International Sales Skills Training

3 950 € (+VAT 24%). The price includes:

  • Six training days + 5 online sessions
  • Assessment of work personality in sales, with feedback
  • Training materials
  • Lunch and refreshments.

Feedback from The Previous Export Sales Skills Trainings

What was best with this training session?

“Broaden my thinking, a new angle to my next customer visit.”
“Thanks for good tips and encouraging attitude!”
“To think social styles in my own sales work.”
“There is a demand for these skills, so 10 points for being up to date.”
“Different examples how to make things work and how to do it.”
“Content was good and interesting, helpful points to improve selling tactics were presented.”


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