This training gives you concrete tools for your day-to-day management and interaction situations. You will consider leadership from the point of view of your work community and successful managerial and supervisory work. You will build up a comprehensive understanding of leadership and set your targets for further development.

This training is held in Finnish. Click here to see the description in Finnish.

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Who should attend

The training is intended for supervisors and managers or those about to transfer to these positions. It is also intended for experts who want to develop their leadership skills.

Benefits and objectives

Clarifying the basics of managerial and supervisory work

  • Understanding the different roles of a manager
  • Learning how to lead with a coaching and interactive approach
  • Handling difficult managerial situations
  • Learning new management tools and methods
  • Learning the essentials of HR management and labor law
  • Understanding the connection between labor law and good leadership
  • Learning how to give both positive and corrective feedback
  • Learning to develop your own leadership skills on the basis of feedback
  • Recognizing your strengths and areas of development as a manager
  • Networking and receiving peer support


Manager as a Leader

  • Manager’s tasks, role and responsibilities
  • Interaction and leadership skills
  • The leadership interface
  • Group dynamics
  • The basic management tools
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Performance appraisals
  • Problematic situations in a manager’s work (problem-solving clinic, teamwork)
  • Change Management

Labor law for managers

  • The structure and nature of labor legislation
  • A compilation of regulations governing employment relationships
  • Limits to the employer’s right to supervise work
  • General obligations of the parties
    ­– Employment contracts
    ­– Working hours
    ­– Safety and health at work
    ­– Termination of employment
    ­– Other topical themes concerning employment relationships

Personal development as a leader

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Bringing up an issue and giving corrective feedback (exercise)
  • Self-knowledge
  • 360° Leadership Behavior Analysis
  • Self-development on the basis of the 360° assessment
  • Personal development plan
  • Corporate culture and value-based management

Mid- and post-course assignments

  • Collection of feedback for the 360° Leadership Behavior Analysis
  • Implementation of the coaching leadership style at work
  • Presentation of your personal development plan to your manager at work

Learning Methods

Discussions based on participants’ own experiences are a central part of the training:

  • Group discussions
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Theory and short introductions to different topics
  • 360° Leadership Behavior assessment as a basis for development targets
  • Making the most of your network of colleagues and managers

Training venue

The training will take place at MIF´s training facilities, in Helsinki.


The participation fee is €2,900 (+ VAT 24%). The fee includes course materials, lunch, and refreshments during breaks.

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