In this training you practice your skills to give inspiring presentations, which are easy to follow and which address the interests of your audience.

Presentation Skills in English | MIFHow to design and deliver presentations with impact?

We all have experienced unclear, dull presentations, which seem to have nothing to do with us. That hardly has been the intention of the presenter, so what has gone wrong?

How to capture the attention of your audience and get them to grasp your main message?

In this training you will practise your skills to give inspiring presentations, which are easy to follow and address the interests of your audience. The focus is on the three most important cornerstones for delivering impressive presentations:

  1. Effective Structure for Presentations
  2. Communicative Visuals for Presentations
  3. Convincing Delivery of Presentations

These topics are described in more detail below.

Who benefits of the Presentation Skills training

This training is targeted for professionals who deliver:

  • external presentations, e.g. to customers, stakeholders
  • internal presentations, e.g. to colleagues, employees

You could be working in sales, finance, R&D, HR, management, administration – and your typical audience can range from a few persons up to hundreds of listeners. The key thing is that you need to effectively convey your message to your audience, i.e., to increase the effectiveness and memorability of your presentations.

Contents of the Presentation Skills training

The training is divided into four parts to ensure that participation is as convenient as possible for you. The four parts are:

  • Two online self-study themes, each consisting of 2x 45 min session
  • 30 min 1-to-1 live online coaching based on your own presentation
  • One face-to-face training day

The online sessions lay the groundwork and give you practical advice for building an effective presentation. Before the face-to-face training day you can send your presentation for review and receive comments for further developing it. During the face-to-face training day you deliver your presentation and practise the guidelines and hints provided during the online sessions in a safe and friendly environment. You receive a lot of feedback which helps you to further develop your presentation. As an end result you have a perfected presentation, which you can immediately utilize in your daily work.

Effective Structure for Presentations:
2x 45 min self-study online sessions

  • Understanding the basic drivers that shape the audience’s reception of ideas and decision making processes
  • How to present complex information clearly, concisely, and persuasively: capturing the audience’s attention
  • Ways to define what is the essence of your presentation
  • Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence: a five-step approach for persuasive presentations
  • Organising material for best flow and maximising impact
  • How to start and finish strongly
  • Developing clear and memorable messages

Communicative Visuals for Presentations:
2x 45 min self-study online sessions

  • Visualising correctly: developing visual aids to support you (and not replacing you)
  • Multiple ways of visualising your idea
  • Using the combination of arrangement, visual elements and movement to produce effective slides
  • Building the slide content so that your audience takes in information
  • Ensuring your slides are about the meaning of the data – and not only data
  • Five principles of presenting data in the clearest possible way
  • Creating visuals that keep your presentation engaging and interactive

Coaching for Your Own Presentation:

30 min 1-to-1 live online coaching based on your own presentation

Convincing Delivery of Presentations, face-to-face training day

  • How to articulate the conclusions you want your audience to accept
  • Using pace, tone, and pitch to create enthusiasm and interest
  • Using body language and movement to increase effectiveness
  • Overcoming nervousness and anxiety
  • Importance of a powerful and passionate introduction
  • Developing your ability to speak with presence and confidence
  • Delivering your own 10 min presentation:
    – receive feedback on the structure and visuals of your presentation, in addition to the delivery
    – feedback given by the trainer and fellow participants, thus you receive multiple views
  • excellent opportunity to try out new things in a safe environment and thus perfect your presentations

Feedback from previous Presentation Skills training courses

  • “Excellent, professional trainer who managed to bring us alive!! Thanks David!”
  • “The best was feedback from all participants, I would have wanted to know even more about my weak points.”
  • “Very good session, even nervous before.”
  • “Very good. I’m going to develop my presentation style after this and practice more.”
  • “The best was possibility to see many examples.”

This Presentation Skills training is carried out in English by a native English trainer.

On a six point scale (1…6) David’s average is 5,47.

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