Use simple, yet elegant tools to discover your customers’ true business situation. Underlying business facts are needed to be able to do proper solution selling.

Getting a complete picture without some kind of system is quite challenging. In this compact two day training you learn a well-tested British method for mapping and utilizing business critical information.

In Finland this method is exclusively available only at Fintra

Tools for Solution Selling - kansainvälisen myynnin koulutus | MIF

Content 23.-24.5.2018

Consulting methods for Solution Selling

  • effectively map information for developing comprehensive solutions
    • consulting exercise: Petrol station
  • simple, yet elegant tools:
    • 7P® Model exercise: Applying the 7P® Model to Sales Activities
    • 3LT® Questioning and listening technique exercise: Getting at Value
    • pings for recognizing the most important themes
    • practicing the 3LT Process Exercise

Practical exercises

  • learning from real life: consulting exercises

“You can’t effectively influence that which you don’t understand…”

  • Explore widely your customers’ business. True need and challenges, and thus sales opportunities, often lay somewhere else than in product related information.
  • Present your offering in comparison to your customer’s own objectives and interests – not only from your point of view, and not only from technical point of view either.
  • Being convincing is difficult unless you feel confident. The better you know the things you are doing the more confident you are. Practicing and preparing for different twists gives you tools to navigate even in difficult situations.


  • Gather, analyze and utilize customer information systematically in order to provide more complete and better matching solutions
  • Identify and understand where the real challenges in your customers’ business are
  • Get a deeper and more insightful understanding of your customer’s complete business situation

Feedback from participants

What was best with this solution selling skills training?

“Tavoitteena oli löytää uusia työkaluja myyntityöhön. Odotukset täyttyivät erinomaisesti.”
“Sopiva tahti, ei liikaa asiaa.”
“Selkeästi jäsennelty esitystapa.”
“Only a few but very beneficial tools, many practical tasks.”
“Parasta konkreettiset harjoitukset! Yleisesti opitaan vain tekemällä.”

What were your objectives for this solution selling session? Did you reach your objectives?

“Ratkaisumyynnin syventäminen. Kyllä.”
“Saada työkaluja myyntiprosessiin. Täyttyivät.”
“Getting tools to effectively identify customer’s need, yes.”
“Finding suitable tools for developing my sales skills. Objective was met.”

Average of numerical feedback has been: 5,14 (on 1-6 scale)

Price and place

1490 € (+ VAT 24 %) including two training days, training material lunch and refreshments. Training place is in Helsinki, Ruoholahti.

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