(HOT – Henkilöstötyötä oman toimen ohella)

Human Resources in a nutshell. The latest information and best practices.

First session: 3–4 February 2015
Second session: 4 March 2015
Third session: 13 April 2015

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HOT - henkilöstötyötä oman toimen ohella | JTO

MIF´s HOT (Work in Human Resources in addition to Other Duties) is a practical training program for those of you who are in charge of HR in addition to your regular duties. The intensive training program covers the key areas of HR from personnel administration to organisational communication. Half-day training sessions with different themes are run by accomplished and popular trainers.

Who should attend

The training is suitable for those of who work in HR, in particular personnel development, in addition to your regular duties and wish to deepen and expand your professional competence.

You may be any of the following: a Controller; Administrative Manager; Production Manager; Quality Control Manager; Office Manager; Supervisor; one of the key personnel in an expert organisation; Managing Director; Deputy Managing Director in the SME sector; Personal Assistant; or a Training Assistant.  The training also benefits those who have already managed HR tasks, to upgrade their skills.


  • you will bring your essential HR skills up to speed fast and effortlessly
  • you will gain insight into how to develop HR issues in your organisation, and how to implement efficient HR models
  • you can compare best practices and learn new things
  • you will be able to network with experts and colleagues

Learning Methods and Materials

Learning methods consist of interactive lectures, conversations, and small group discussions.


Training sessions begin at 8:30 with morning coffee, and finish at 16:00.


Efficient Personnel Administration (PA)

  • HR strategies and policies
  • Roles and responsibilities of PA
  • Processes and indicators of PA
  • Organisation of PA
  • HR services – In-house or outsourced


  • HR planning
  • Recruitment
  • Induction

Labour Law Reforms

  • Act on Co-operation within Undertakings
  • Equal Opportunity Act
  • Annual Holidays Act
  • Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life
  • Labour conflict resolution

Work as Part of Holistic Wellbeing

  • What will constitute job satisfaction in the future?
  • Holistic wellbeing and its components
  • Integration of holistic and individualistic aspects in a wellbeing programme
  • How to guarantee wellbeing in changing situations
  • Own resilience in the HR role


Performance Management

  • Performance appraisal interviews
  • Performance and potential appraisal
  • Succession planning
  • Feedback
  • Employee Reward Systems

Skill Management and Development

  • Skills and competitive competence
  • Latest research data
  • Examples of skills appraisal and measurement
  • Personal development and education plans
  • Methods and tools for developing competence
  • Supporting supervisors in skill management and development
  • The role of HR


Organisational communication

  • Organisational communication as a whole
  • Communication in social media
  • Collaboration between Communications and HR
  • Communication in a crisis and rapidly changing situations

Interaction yields results

  • Influencing interpersonal communication at work
  • Interaction between supervisor and employee
  • Raising difficult issues at work
  • Reciprocal feedback
  • Assertive communication style
  • Active listening

Training venue

The training will take place at MIF´s training facilities, in Helsinki.


The participation fee is €2,550 (+ VAT 24%). The fee includes course materials, lunch, and refreshments during breaks.


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