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Complacency is cancer in a fast-changing world and can in the long term be terminal for the organization.

Individual Competence Evolution at the heart of Organizational Development

Competence, curiosity, learning and hard work are the cornerstones of every successful business. In the digitalizing world one cannot emphasize them enough. The qualities that used to be associated only with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders are now in demand at almost every line of work. The need for creative and innovative entrepreneurial experts, workers and teams is becoming more and more urgent in every competitive organization. This means that there’s an increased need to invest in the competence building of your people.

We at MIF view the need for competence development as the single most important success factor for the organisations in the fight for survival – and it’s not only the top management who need it. The investment in able and constantly learning people should be made on all levels of the organization. We can help you develop the competiveness of your organization through developing people.

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