Matt Cobb | Intercultural communication trainer | MIF

Matt Cobb

  • Intercultural communication trainer
  • Matt Cobb has had a very international life, growing up in Peru, the U.K. and Indonesia, and subsequently living and working in Portugal, Hungary, the U.K. and Finland. Matt has developed a very interactive, hands-on training style over nearly 20 years of working with clients and managing colleagues from every corner of the globe. As a result, he has a deep understanding of intercultural communication and gets great satisfaction from raising awareness, developing understanding, improving competence and getting desired results! He has lived in Finland for 10 years and worked closely with Finnish executives from both the private and public sectors. Matt’s key interest areas centre around effective communication, usually across cultures. Recent work includes, e.g., pan-Baltic Marketing Communications coaching & training, and developing International Communication Management as a Competitive Advantage.


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