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Industrial Sourcing from China training – Fintra

Aloitus: 9.4.2019 - 29.5.2019 / Paikka: Helsinki

China is still providing excellent opportunities for more efficient procurement. Clarify your opportunities and challenges in China’s huge supply market.

Aloitus: 9.4.2019 - 29.5.2019
Paikka: Helsinki

Contents 9.4.-29.5.2019

Working with Chinese, 9.4.2019

  • Connecting and building trust with Chinese
  • Influence of the Chinese culture on communication; cultural characteristics, such as hierarchy, etiquette, values etc.
  • Importance of face; gaining, giving, maintaining and losing face
  • Business mentality; factors influencing the business negotiations
  • Problematic situations: causes behind, understanding and solving the situation, how to proceed
  • Obtaining the shared vision and goals
  • Distribution of responsibilities and ensuring they are done


Sourcing in China 28.-29.5.2019

China as a Sourcing Market

  • China´s changing position in the sourcing value chain
  • Regional and global perspectives,
  • China and the South East Asian region
  • One belt – One road
  • Current trends in China sourcing

Strategic Sourcing in China

  • Developing a sourcing strategy for your needs
  • What should be sourced in China?
  • High-tech sourcing in China
  • Recruiting the right sourcing team
  • Global shipping and logistics

Supplier Market – practical take-aways for sourcing in China

  • Identifying and choosing the right suppliers
  • Common pitfalls
  • Supplier development
  • Logistics management
  • Quality control and inspections

Legal, CSR and Compliance in China

  • Introduction to CSR and legal trends in China
  • IPR protection
  • Sourcing contract and legal issues
  • CSR standards and enforcing compliance

2.300 € + vat

The training fee includes three training days from 9 am to 4 pm, training materials in English, lunch and refreshments.

This training will be held in English. More detailed description in Finnish »

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