Our passion is to provide you a world-class executive MBA program – Leadership Evolution – which combines the best of business and academic worlds and focuses on the skill set of future entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The program delivery and content design is done in cooperation with IMD (Switzerland), UC Berkeley (USA) and London School of Economics (UK).

EMBA Open House | MIF

We put a lot of focus to the latest learning methods and support your path of change and development through latest learning technology.

We encourage you to invest on your future by building yourself a cutting-edge competence set together with us.

Target Audience

Our participants are typically managers and executives with several years of experience, but they are still curious to learn more, to challenge themselves and ambitious to reach new levels in their professional lives.

Simply our target audience is managers and executives with:

  • At minimum 5 years of work experience.
  • Bachelor level degree or equivalent.
  • English proficiency.

Leadership Evolution MBA Program ContentsMIF EMBA 1st year program

MIF EMBA 2nd year program

Why EMBA Leadership Evolution?

  • World-class network of leading business thinkers, established business schools and top experts on leadership evolution.
  • Built-in flexibility, the program adapts to changing business environment and to students´ personal needs.
  • Possibility to specialize on relevant business development track:
    • Digital transformation
    • Bio-technology
    • Business design & Innovation
    • Social and healthcare.
  • State of the art learning methods and systems.
  • All to get an EMBA certificate and become a lifelong member of IMD Alumni network.

Personal Benefits

  • Provides you with the latest knowledge and skills on
    leadership evolution and leading complexity.
  • Facilitates your growth as a leader.
  • Gives you access to learning from world-renowned
  • Provides you with coaching by professional coaches.
  • Offers you insights on leading global organizations.

Organizational Benefits

  • Increases competitiveness through new insights.
  • Helps create business from new ideas.
  • Improves strategic leadership ability in the era of
  • Develops the leadership talent pool and innovation
  • Takes a tangible organizational development project into
  • Develops national and international networks

An advanced learning environment

Digitaalinen oppimisympäristö tässä koulutuksessaOur advanced digital learning environment offers:

  • An easy-to-use interface, similar to social networking sites
  • Support for a participatory learning process – even after the training
  • Real-time production and distribution of materials both in virtual and in face-to-face trainings
  • An easy way to engage your supervisor and your colleagues in your personal development objectives

Program fee

The fee for the first semester is 14 500 €, and for the second semester 14 500 €. The fee will be invoiced in 5 parts per year. Includes tuition, study tour programs, and teaching materials. There is an additional fee for the study tour flights and accommodation. VAT will be added to the fees according to the effective tax rate.

Enrollment on-going – apply now!

How to apply:
Send your CV & letter of intent to eeva.kallbacka (at) mif.fi.


“EMBA:sta saatua oppia voidaan hyödyntää suoraan omassa organisaatiossa. Koulutus on laajentanut osaamista ja avannut uusia tulokulmia oman työn hallintaan. Kokeneet luennoitsijat saivat muuttamaan omia asenteita ja tämä on avannut uusia mahdollisuuksia.”

Pentti Virtanen, CEO, FSP Finnish Steel Painting Oy
(EMBA ‘13)

“Pidin erityisen paljon käytännönläheisestä otteesta moduulien aiheiden käsittelyssä ja siitä, että kukin moduuli muodosti jäntevän kokonaisuuden, jolla oli asiansa hyvin taitava vastuuopettaja. MIFin vahvuus on toimiva yhteys taustaorganisaatioidensa ja omistajatahojensa kautta yrityksiin ja tämä näkyy myös koulutusohjelman toteutuksessa.”
Juhani Hyvärinen, Service manager, VTT Expert Services Oy
(EMBA ’12)


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