Do you perform marketing actions yourself – in addition to planning the international marketing? In other words, do you carry out yourself the marketing plan done by you – by taking care of creating visibility and by producing the needed content. This effective training package is planned keeping in mind your two-folded role in marketing both as a planner of marketing strategy and as a creator of the content (e.g. text and SOME visibility).

During the first two days we focus on the marketing content.  Finnish companies’ resources are typically quite small in a global perspective, so the visibility has to be created on other means than on buying it. In the first module we concentrate on what kind of messages are needed for creating the wanted image and visibility – regardless of the used media. Also we focus on the ways to create the proper messages, including effective writing and the clarification of the core message.

On the second module we concentrate on one of the most important topics in modern global marketing: creating the right kind of net presence. We consider the opportunities of SOME from a broad point of view, and concentrate especially its possibilities in B-to-B sales. As result you get a practical toolbox designed to improve the global visibility of your offering  in the internet in the selected markets.

Whom this marketing training is designed for?

This training is targeted for persons who do marketing by themselves, both the planning and execution. Typical titles of participants are marketing manager/director, product manager, export manager/director. If it is your responsibility to create the right kind of visibility for your company/product/offering, this is a suitable training for you.

Aims and benefits of the BtoB marketing training

  • Build Thought Leadership position for your company
  • Fully utilize your existing brand
  • Crystalize the core message in the marketing: how you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  • Tools for creating and maintaining the wanted image
  • Increase your own skills and competencies in B-to-B marketing
  • Utilize maximally the opportunities of SOME in B-to-B sales
  • Plenty of useful examples for doing international marketing effectively
  • Better visibility and the right kind of brand awareness enables better profit margins in export sales

Content of the B2B marketing training

Thought Leadership – How to be the leader in your field globally?

  • Thought Leadership as a company’s internal process and common language
  • The different roles of strategic and operational marketing in building the Thought Leadership position
  • Buying path and content marketing as  a part of Thought Leadership
  • Practical Marketing Toolkit for building Thought Leadership position, incl. marketing plan

How brand helps you?

  • Branding the expertise
  • Content marketing in building your brand and vice versa
  • Utilizing brand elements in content marketing: Core, Identity, Story, Promise

The effective core message as a basis for the whole marketing

  • How to make your own message interesting?
  • Building the effective core message
  • How to get the hard substance to promote your objective(s)?
  • How do make your messages memorable?

How can you write to improve and strengthen your thought leadership?

  • Make raw data understandable and present it in an interesting way
  • Add richness using examples, descriptions, and detail
  • Help readers understand complex concepts
  • Find new ideas to get readers addicted to what you write
  • Learn to be more exciting and provocative

Global Net Presence: How to Build, Maintain and Develop It

  • The growing role of digital marketing communication in international B-to-B sales activities, sales 2.0
  • Efficient utilization of social media in global b-to-b marketing
  • Your own activities in social media:
    • practical tips for presence and marketing communication
    • how to choose the most relevant social media platforms for your organization
  • Content marketing: how to build a content strategy which increases your visibility and attractiveness

Search engine optimization and web-analytics

Google optimized content

  • Three main factors in Search Engine Optimization
  • Changes in the Google search and optimization: what are the future trends?

What to take into account in search engine optimized content

  • Finding out the most important key words by using various tools
  • Tips for search engine optimized content: which parts of the text have to be in good shape
  • Link reader and Google friendly
  • Optimization of pics and videos
  • The effects of mobile usage and social media to optimization – to which trends you should invest in the future

Web analytics

Google Analytics

  • The most important functions, reports and their proper utilization

Marketing Campaigns and Analytics

  • Online and offline campaigns
  • Integration with AdWords service

Your most important tasks as a content provider

  • Identifying own good and bad contents
  • Site search and follow-up
  • Reports and monitoring them
  • Alarms
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