Managing the company in a changing environment

Business breakfast at Technopolis BC, St. Petersburg On October 17, 2019 – based on the specially developed corporate training program ”Managing the company in a changing environment”


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Institute Management of Finland made a business breakfast ”Managing continuous changes in life and business” at Technopolis business center, St. Petersburg.


The participants, representatives from Finnish and other companies, were acquainted with modern approaches to the behavior of people in a constantly and rapidly changing world, examined their own view to managing changes in organizations.


MIF Russia business breakfast: business breakfast: Team work - giving and receiving comments


Each participant had the opportunity to be in the role of leaders and various types of company employees. They exchanged opinions and experience with other participants, worked as a team, received valuable theoretical material, discussed relevant issues and received comments from colleagues and the expert.

As feedback, all participants noted, that they’ve got new ideas, and very informative information.

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The business breakfast program is based on the specially developed corporate training program ”Managing the company in a changing environment” and was implemented by Svetlana Smolko, a partner of MIF Russia.



MIF Russia

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All MIF trainers are experienced professionals who work in agreed standards.

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