MIF Academy Café talk: Mystic motivation

This MIF Academy Café talk starts a blog series, where I describe my own user experiences about MIF Academy e-coaching and share my inner views about the e-coaching weekly topics. This way I expand my heart-to-heart discussions with wider audience. Every second week I write in Finnish and on the other week in English.

MIF Academy theme of the month: Mystic motivation

Topic of the week – The chances of creativity!

Business leaders are surely puzzled with the question: “Where the next big idea will come from? How do I find it and how to make money out of it?” In business, the key to success is innovation and innovation starts with ideas. Creative thinking is the process of generating ideas and in many ways the opposite of logical thinking. It is a relaxed, playful, holistic, intuitive way of thinking, which contrasts strongly with the short term pressures and stressed atmosphere in which so many people work.

Being able to be creative motivates people to contribute good deeds both at work and towards greater good in life. How to find a relaxed state of mind for creativity?

To me creativity is something that takes place in my daily routines. I find myself being creative to manage the morning routines, take children to daycare in time and make it to the morning meeting! Creativity can also hit me when travelling to see relatives in Eastern Finland in the middle of February and forgetting your winter jackets. But the best kind of creativity seems to be the one where I feel I have contributed to some greater good. Just recently this happened at work, when with our MIF team we launched MIF Alumni – unique platform for MIF “graduates” to collaborate with each other’s.

This type of creativity where you need to manage multidimensional tasks, ideas, wishes and dreams usually needs relaxed, playful, intuitive moments – and in some occasions (or even in most of them?) a bit of pressure!

What do you think about creativity?

Best Regards,

Salla Lamberg

Salla Lamberg

Salla Lamberg

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