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Presentation Skills in English

How to make and give a memorable presentation with proper impact?

Why Presentation Skills in English?

In this training you practice your skills to give inspiring presentations, which are easy to follow and which address the interests of your audience.

How to design and deliver presentations with impact?

We all have experienced unclear, dull presentations, which seem to have nothing to do with us. That hardly has been the intention of the presenter, so what has gone wrong?

How to capture the attention of your audience and get them to grasp your main message?

In this training you will practice your skills to give inspiring presentations, which are easy to follow and address the interests of your audience. The focus is on the four most important cornerstones for delivering impressive presentations:

  1. Think first = Preparation
  2. Effective Structure for Presentations
  3. Communicative Visuals for Presentations
  4. Convincing Delivery of Presentations

These topics are described in more detail below.

This training is targeted for professionals who deliver:

  • external presentations, e.g. to customers, stakeholders
  • internal presentations, e.g. to colleagues, employees

You could be working in sales, finance, R&D, HR, management, administration – and your typical audience can range from a few persons up to hundreds of listeners. The key thing is that you need to effectively convey your message to your audience, i.e., to increase the effectiveness and memorability of your presentations.

Contents of the Presentation Skills training

The training is divided into three parts to ensure that participation is as convenient as possible for you. The three parts are:

  • Four online self-study themes, approximately 30 min/each
  • two hours live online group session in small groups
  • 30 min 1-to-1 live online coaching based on your own presentation

The online sessions lay the groundwork and give you practical advice for building an effective presentation. During the live online group session you deliver your presentation and practice the guidelines and hints provided during the self-study sessions in a safe and friendly environment.

You receive a lot of feedback which helps you to further develop your presentation. As an end result you have a perfected presentation, which you can immediately utilize in your daily work.


Part 1: Tips and techniques for professional presentations
self-study materials, available from 17.2.2020 - to 21.6.2020

1. Think first

  • Different People-Different Needs
  • Decision making
  • Deciding the purpose and your objectives
  • Organising the Information
  • Positioning Information for Maximum Impact

2. How to structure your presentation

  • The structure of your presentation
  • Using a clear structure - 1) Body and 2) Conclusion

3. How to build your visuals

  • Using the visuals, two parts
  • Creating a maximum impact with your visuals
  • Using the visuals – using the formatting

4. How to deliver

  • How to keep the attention of the audience
  • The Conclusion
  • Skill level of a presenter

Part 2: online group session 17.3.2020

Delivering your own 10 min presentation, live online in small groups

  1. group: 17.3.2020 from 9 am to 10 am
  2. group 17.3.2020 from 1 pm to 2 pm
  • receive feedback on the structure and visuals of your presentation, in addition to the delivery
  • feedback given by the trainer and fellow participants, thus you receive multiple views

Part 3: 1-to-1 coaching on week 17 / 2020

1-to-1 coaching based on your own presentation, 30 min/each live online
During 21.-23.4.2020 according to your schedule

  • for returning your presentation, which you have adjusted following feedback given in the group session 11.12.2019. Further feedback would be given after this adjusted presentation.
  • or you can give a new presentation on which you would get feedback
  • or you can ask questions about presentation areas that interest you i.e. structure, visuals, delivery, body language etc.

Price 450 € (+ vat 24%)

The training includes

- four self-study themes online
- 2 hours online group session
- 30 min 1-to-1 online coaching
- training materials

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