Will print and digital co-exist in harmony over coming decades?

This question popped into my mind when visiting Oxford University week ago. We had a lovely tour around the campus to see different collages, libraries and other historical buildings, and our tour guide shared the interesting history of the university dating back to 1096 when teaching existed already in some form at Oxford, and developed rapidly from 1167, when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris.

The most stunning detail to me when visiting one of the university libraries was that there are kilometers long book storage facilities under the city, and the stunning book collection grows with thousands of books a year – major storage challenge. Really makes you wonder how long can the print hold its attractiveness compared to digital?

Looking at my bookshelf when returning home, I made an interesting notification of the books I have purchased over the years. The newest seemed to find their way to the shelfs, but there was also a box of old books waiting to be taken to flee market. The box made me curious – what I was planning to sell out? I found old school books, novels, guidebooks to holiday locations. Suddenly I remembered the times when I had read them, and why I had bought them. Very nostalgic.

On my travel in Oxford, I got my first Kindle. I am also a huge fan of virtual learning environments, where I can find digital content for my professional learning and development. In my work I use MIF Academy and enjoy the eCoaching services it offers: www.mifacademy.fi
Besides my digital migration, I also enjoy the touch and feel of physical books. Books are like photo albums. They remind you of times and moments in the past, which you might forget othervice. Therefore I might just keep the box of old books in a closet. Recardless the trouble of storing them, there is some sentimental value in them. This might be just the reason why print can hold its position alongside with digital. Digital is still coming, so it is good to know what’s coming. More about ”Navigating the Digital Landscape” – from Frankfurt Book Fair 2014:

Br, Salla Lamberg

Salla Lamberg has over 10 years of project and program management experience in large multinational companies. In addition she has gained experience about training, portfolio management, process development and leadership. She has also studied the organizational changes from many different perspectives, and focuses now to Leadership training portfolio management and digital services development.

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