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Winning Mindset, Transform your Life and Business

Paikka: Helsinki

Remote - participate remotely! Our mindset is not fixed. Rise to a world class performer by training and implementing new tools and strategies into your daily work and business.

Paikka: Helsinki

Winning Mindset, Transform your Life and Business

The Winning Mindset can bring about a deep change in thinking, acting and responsiveness.

The process involves rewiring the mindset by systematically bringing about changes at cognitive level. This all starts with awareness, followed by clarity, anticipation and action.

Target Group

All organisational levels, both teams and individuals within an organisation.

Course Content

The Inner Dialogue
How our thinking process starts on awakening and deeply affects our results
The psychology of peak performance
How decisions are influenced by the unconscious mind

The Blueprint Process Model
The Self Image Of The Winning Mindset
Overcoming the blocks which impede success: Fear, worries and doubts
The 16 habits of the most successful people in business
The science and practical process of forming new habits

Creating a vision for the business through the Visioning Process
Implementing the vision from Day 1
‘Ready, Fire And Aim’ Process
Beating procrastination
Overcoming toxic thinking

Our 2 Most valuable resources and how to protect them
The Ripple Effect in the workplace and how to generate it
The 5 Wins Effect

Self Monitoring
The Student Mentality
Defining our purpose with absolute clarity through the power of awareness
Success loves speed
The FIT Mind Model
The ‘Let It Go’ process
Building consistency from today


The Winning Mindset Program enhances performance in companies on the individual and organizational level.

Price 790 € (+ vat 24%)

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