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Leading Diverse Teams

“The environment … is very complex because there are a lot of people involved with different roles, with different cultures, different ways of thinking. So to align everybody is not easy.” Mikel Arteta, manager Arsenal FC

To lead a diverse group demands a lot of skills and energy, and it leads to great rewards. A well-led diverse team will produce results that are better and more innovative than expected.

You, as a leader, need self-awareness, curiosity, open communication, courage and the ability to empower your team.

This training will equip you with these qualities and skills.

Leading Diverse Teams will help you to

  • Understand diversity and create a personal commitment to it
  • understand some of the costs and barriers so you can create ways past them
  • create an inclusive and openly communicating culture in your group
  • demonstrate openness to difference and adaptability with intercultural and mixed teams
  • understand what’s not perfect in the current situation and develop the courage to change
  • develop accountability as a strong value for yourself and the people you lead
  • develop feedback skills (giving and receiving) in order to create an inclusive culture where people take responsibility for themselves and others
  • develop trust and empower your team so they bring their best to their work


Who should attend the Leading Diverse Teams training programme

This course is designed for anyone who is in a leadership role and works with difference, be it culture, roles, generations, personalities and so on. The differences could be in your team or with suppliers, subsidiaries or distributors.

Training Contents

  • The range of diversity and ensuring there really is diversity of thought
  • Strategies to overcome the barriers to unleash the creativity
  • Learning how to deal with ambiguity at the same time as creating clarity for others
  • Developing cultural intelligence – the journey to having a choice of leadership styles
  • Understanding yourself as a communicator and developing adaptability
  • Being a role model to give others the courage to be honest and to improve. Demonstrating accountability
  • Developing a feedback culture. Recognising the importance of process feedback
  • Empowering step by step – allotting tasks, monitoring (without controlling), making it individual


After the course you will be able to better understand yourself and others and know how to use the differences well. You will have the skills and tools to enable your team to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Price 820 € (+ vat 24%)

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