Menestyvä kansainvälinen toiminta

Leading Multicultural Teams to Success

To be a successful team or project leader in a multicultural environment you need intercultural skills and understanding of diversity:  you need to be aware of how culture affects your own and others’ actions, values, communication and customs.

Leading Multicultural Teams to Success will help you to

  • communicate in a way that gets you understood
  • earn your team and project members’ trust through your actions
  • get commitment for common procedures and schedules
  • motivate, support and give constructive feedback

Who should attend the Leading Multicultural Teams training programme

The training is designed for those who lead employees from diverse cultures, e.g. project and team leaders, and those who deal with distributors or subsidiaries in different cultures.

Training Contents

  • culture and teams
  • cultural background and relationships
  • relation building across cultures
  • getting a good start for international teams
  • communication in international and virtual / remote teams
  • expectations of leadership, participation, time and decision making
  • culture and leadership
  • influencing in different cultures
  • getting your idea accepted in different cultures
  • encouraging collaboration and minimising conflicts


After the course you will

  • know more about the values, communication styles and attitudes to time, hierarchy and leadership styles in different cultures
  • be more flexible and resourceful in an intercultural environment
  • be able to develop the activities and enhance the performance of your team
  • have proven ideas for motivating, communicating goals, and follow-up

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