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Managing Global Key Accounts – Fintra


This training will help you revitalize the way you lead and conduct Global sales. You will get insights and tools to create real differentiation to competition. You have the chance to look at your own business and your customers from a fresh perspective and get tangible frameworks to lead your sales team and your customer portfolio.

We organize our training on site or remotely, depending on the situation at the time! Proven methods and approaches to grow your major international customers (KAM, SAM, OEMs).

This training will be held in English or in Finnish depending on the group.

Managing Global Key Accounts - training contents in English.

Leadership in Global Sales, one day

Rethink your sales strategy – from B2B world to B4B thinking

  • Why B2B-thinking easily leads to competing with price
  • How to rethink your sales strategy by focusing on the customer value creation
  • How to look at your sales processes and buying patterns from a fresh perspective 

Global sales leadership in B4B thinking

  • The most typical challenges to global key account and what the root causes for them
  • How to turn your team’s mindset from selling your services to solving Customers’ problems (how to find the real value and relationships)
  • Neuroscience of sales - How to get to the next level in customer intimacy
  • 6 step sales excellence process in creating irresistible sales proposals

Psychology in Sales, one day

Social styles

  • Utilize research results of social intelligence in sales situations.
  • Understand relative strength and development areas of various types.
  • Learn to recognize feathers that can – and will – break a camel´s back.
  • Learn take into consideration personal comfort zones both in sellers AND in buyers.

Persuasion methods

  • How to convert social styles into persuasion designated methods to tap into.
  • How to align seller, offer presentation and customers bias?
  • Improve your persuasion range
AI enhanced b2b sales psychology

In order to get the most out of the session, you can download a Bizmind app:

  • Gain psychological insights and become more versatile in persuasion:
  • With Bizmind you can be in personal sales coaching for more than 200 days a year – without missing any work.
  • This is a unique opportunity to get a cutting edge EdTech tool for one year (+1 ME invested).

Tools for Solution Selling, 1,5 days

Consulting methods for Solution Selling

  • effectively map information for developing comprehensive solutions
    • consulting exercise: Petrol station
  • simple, yet elegant tools:
    • 7P® Model exercise: Applying the 7P® Model to Sales Activities
    • 3LT® Questioning and listening technique exercise: Getting at Value
    • pings for recognizing the most important themes
    • practicing the 3LT Process Exercise

Practical exercises

  • learning from real life: consulting exercises

Customer Value-based pricing, half day

  • How to convert the customer value into euros
  • How to avoid price centricity
The training fee includes

- four training days from 9 am to 4 pm
- training materials
- personal sales coach app for one year

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