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Tools for Solution Selling – Fintra

We organize our training on site or remotely, depending on the situation at the time! Tools for Solution Selling training is designed to assist participants to develop new skills in gaining a deeper and more insightful understanding of
their customer’s business issues.

Why Tools for Solution Selling?

In today’s competitive environment, customers in almost every industry sector are looking to their suppliers to provide solutions to their business problems rather than simply be product delivers.

In an age when there is little differentiation to be gained through product feature or price, the competitive edge is held by those companies who can add value to their customers through the quality of the solutions their salespeople develop.

What sets apart the more effective salespeople from their colleagues is what we call Consultative Selling Skills.
Consultative Selling Skills can be defined as having three major elements:

  • Making sense of complexity
  • Managing the process of change
  • Managing client/customer relationships

This Tools for Solution Selling seminar focuses on the first of these elements, Making Sense of Complexity and equips salespeople with the skills and tools to really understand their customers more fully and with that insight, be able to develop better quality solutions that add value to the customer’s business.

Contents Tools for Solution Selling, 1,5 days

Making sense of complexity

  • effectively map information for developing comprehensive solutions
    • consultative discussion exercise: Petrol station
  • simple, yet elegant tools:
    • understanding your customer's business: Applying tools to Sales Activities (7P® Model)
    • Questioning and listening technique exercise: Getting at Value (3LT® tool)
    • pings for recognizing the most important themes
    • practicing the 3LT Process Exercise

Selling the Solution - Practical exercises

  • learning from real life: consulting exercises


Tools for Solution Selling main aim is:

To enable participants to gather, analyse and use customer information more fully in order to provide more complete and compelling solutions.


After the training participants should be able to:

  • Understand the nature and importance of solution selling.
  • Question and listen more effectively.
  • Apply new skills and tools to understanding customer’s business situations.
  • Develop solutions with a better fit with the customer’s business issues.
The training fee includes

- one and a half training days
- training materials

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