Professio Group – Our Mission Is to Create the World’s Most Competent People.

We are part of Professio Group. Professio is a promise of quality. Top-tier trainers and meticulously planned events ensure that no one wastes their time. By keeping people inspired and connected, we take responsibility for enhancing competitiveness and contribute to making Finland the most skilled nation in the world.

Professio Group organizes events, trainings, and professional qualifications to keep the skills of people working in an ever-changing world up to date, even a few steps ahead. With Professio Group, you’ll find 2000 inspiring events and trainings annually for professionals across various industries. At the core of everything is always Finland’s highest quality content and a superb customer experience.

Join our mission and find the solutions to develop your skills.

MIF – Customer-focused training for professionals.

Management Institute of Finland MIF is a workplace trainer, committed to making a real impact. We understand that learning investments are crucial to boosting the ability of organizations and individuals to deliver exceptional customer value. Our trainings are a perfect blend of customer-centricity and top-tier pedagogical and content quality.

Our learning philosophy is all about delivering unparalleled value to each customer. We combine cutting-edge content, dynamic learning environments that foster growth, and the most effective pedagogical methods to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Tieturi & Upload – At the core of IT professionals’ skill development.

To keep yourself updated, Tieturi and Upload offer continuous support so you don’t end up like an outdated computer. We are here for you when you want to stay at the forefront of development in the world’s most rapidly changing environment. Whether you need training for an hour or a week, we ensure it aligns with your goals.

The core of our operation is to broadly develop skills across various areas of the IT field. For us, the three most important values are quality, quality, and quality – in content, trainers, and customer experience. These cornerstones of skill development are built together with our trainers, who represent top expertise in their respective core areas.

BIG Business Insight Group – The new benchmark in events.

BIG Business Insight Group is operator of first-class international events and virtual executions that focus on mega trends and challenges facing major business sectors today. We create value to our customers through an AI powered event platform and an effective lead generation that ensures industry leading ROI. 

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