Lifelong learning for professionals!

Education builds a better future. This is true for individuals, businesses, communities and societies. In Finland, education and training have long been a source of trust and investment. In a digitalising working life, the importance of learning is even more emphasised. There is a constant need to develop one’s own skills and thinking. That is why our mission in life is to strengthen the lifelong learning of professionals in the workplace.

We are delivering on our mission:

  • by providing the best training content, methods and technologies for the benefit of our clients – our goal is the best customer experience
  • by creating a community of enthusiastic people who develop services and solutions in an agile way
  • by developing international, scalable digital solutions for education and learning.

Our education business has deep roots in the Nordic education scene. The transformation into the education company we are today took place in 2014, when Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy, which had been formed in 2012 from the merger of three long-standing education companies – JTO, Infor and Fintra – was bought into the entity alongside Tieturi and Informator..

Our story is an integral part of the Nordic story of skills and work-life development, in which each education brand has created its own chapter.


The 1980s saw a dramatic change in working life as information technology began to take hold in the workplace. New skills were needed. In 1983, Tieturi was set up to meet Finland’s need for computer training. Today Tieturi is helping professionals to develop the skills they need for the digital workplace.


MIF was born in 2012 when the Confederation of Finnish Industries merged its education and training organisations into a single entity. The MIF merged the education business of Johtamistaidon opisto, Infor and Fintra. Each of the three brings its own history and expertise to MIF.

Johtamistaidon Opisto, JTO was born after the war in 1946 , when Finland was in urgent need of new foremen. MIF’s aim is still to train better management and more skilled foremen.

In the 1960s, Finland, which was becoming more internationalised, began to face a shortage of export specialists. To increase export skills, the Export Training Foundation (Fintra) was established in Finland in 1962, and as its successor, MIF continues to help international and internationalising organisations to grow and succeed in the world.

As the 1990s approached, there was a growing need in Finland for further training for communication professionals and communication coaching for managers. In response to this need, Infor was founded as one of the pioneers in the field, still coaching managers, executives and experts to communicate more effectively and communication professionals to excel in their work.

MIF is therefore implementing development across the board. Its range of services includes professional qualifications, organisational development programmes and open development programmes.

MIF Academy is responsible for the marketing and implementation of the Group’s international training projects.

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