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“Communication can be successful – even by accident. More confident when trained”.


Communication is the lifeblood of a successful organisation. With passion and solid expertise, Infor coaches the entire work community: management, frontline staff and experts to succeed in communication, and communication professionals to develop in their work.

We offer both open communication training and tailor-made coaching.

Infor’s Communication Manager Training Programme VPK is already a concept in the industry. It has already trained over two thousand communications professionals for extremely challenging positions. And since we are trusted by Finland’s top communications professionals, why not you?

Among Infor’s tailor-made communication training, the most popular are senior management training, such as media training, crisis communication training and strategic communication training.

We treat our customers with a big heart: our customer service feedback is 5.6
(max. 6, N = 200, 30.8.2022).

MIF – Lifelong learning for working professionals

Infor is part of the Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy, whose other specialist partner is MIF Qualifications, which prepares students for official qualifications from the Finnish National Board of Education.

Viestintäpäällikön koulutusohjelma

Communications Manager Training Programme VPK

Over the years, more than 1 300 communication professionals have been inspired and networked through the popular Communication Manager training programme.

You are warmly welcome to join the VPK community!

Upcoming trainings

Palvelumuotoilun perusteet

14.10.2024 | Helsinki | Communication trainingValmennuksesta saat palvelumuotoilukokemusta, osaamista palveluiden tuotteistamisesta, näihin menetelmiä ja työkaluja - sekä rohkeutta kohdata asiakas palveluiden kehittämisen tiimoilta. Ohjelma rakentuu...

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