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International business

Going further afield to fish? Training is the fastest way to develop your export, international trade and business.

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Export training is a success factor for international business

Finland is a small market economy and any growing domestic company will inevitably face barriers to growth. The answer is usually always international business and exporting – the desire to grow beyond Finland’s borders. But without skills, this will not happen. Export training is built around the international business development needs of internationalizing and growing companies. Through export training, the skills of an organization’s staff in international business can be raised.

When business is exported across national borders, a large number of skills problems typically arise. What are the rules for doing business internationally, what kind of contracts are needed, what risks can we identify, how do we prepare for these risks, how do we manage resale channels? These are all essential skills areas for export training. Often companies have the misconception that the professional skills learned in Finland are not significantly different from international business. However, this misconception can cost companies large sums of money and, in the worst case, bring with it large risks and losses. Investing in export training will go a long way to minimizing these risks.

International business target groups and training content

Export training is particularly useful for managers of international companies who make critical decisions about the development of international business. Export training for this target group should be kept at a strategic level. Topics for management export training may include internationalization strategy, investment and risk.

Export managers and export assistants need much more detailed export training. They are particularly suited to topics such as international trade practices, for example:

  • What international trade terms do we follow when agreeing on delivery terms and responsibilities with an international business partner?
  • What financial tools and contractual models should we use? and
  • How do we deal with export documentation?

International business export training courses cover a huge amount of very detailed and important content. Often the challenge is that not all companies that need export training receive it. This is why we recommend company-specific, tailor-made implementations of various international business training courses.


International business and export training

International business training courses are taught by MIF’s most experienced trainers. All our international business trainers have a long track record and have been working in international business for decades. MIF’s export training courses are therefore in a class of their own in terms of both content and practicality.

For example, our Export Practices export training draws on more than 30 years of experience in international business documentation, tax practices and contract models. Similarly, the trainer and expert in international distribution network management has personally managed the distribution network of several large Finnish companies.

One of the big benefits of our international business training is the interactive nature of the training. Participants find it very important to have the opportunity to ask questions from their own business perspective based on interesting learning content. Our international business trainers know how to take the company’s situation into account and answer the participant’s questions with a consultative and clinical approach.

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