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Communication training

Communication is the key to effective action. Our inspiring communication training courses will deepen your communication skills.


Communication training – a safe investment!

Developing skills and competences is an investment that always pays off. However, it is worth constantly building up your skills portfolio and adding new ones to it. Whether you are developing yourself, your team or your work community, you will find a wide range of communication training courses in our training portfolio. Pick the most suitable ones and book your place well in advance or ask us for a proposal for a tailor-made solution.

Communication training gives you and your business a competitive edge

Communication training helps you and your organization to become the best in your field! Our training courses are suitable for communication and marketing professionals, HR people, managers, supervisors, assistants and experts alike – we have solutions to develop the communication skills of your entire staff. When both experts and the whole organization communicate clearly, everyone benefits.

What kind of communication training is available?

Whether you want to develop your skills as a communicator, writer or presenter, improve your organization’s digital communication, prepare for crises, or need help with a communication strategy or social media strategy, you’re sure to find a solution from our wide range of communication training courses.

Open communication trainings are excellent when you want to stop and develop your own and your organization’s skills. As well as updating your knowledge, you will network, benchmark your own in-house practices and do exercises related to your own work with the support of experts. During the longer training sessions, you will do project work related to your organization and your job, supervised by an expert throughout the training. So you will immediately have effective and concrete tools to develop your communication! The open communication training courses range from half-day workshops to long-term development programs. All our communication training courses are available on our training calendar.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can also offer alternative tailor-made models and communication training tailored to your organization. Whether your organization is a company, an organization or a public sector body, our tailor-made training courses are sure to work. Tailored communication training is always designed and refined in active collaboration with the client. So if you can’t find the right communication training for you or your organization in our training calendar, contact us and we’ll build a training package that suits you!



Communication trainingTyöyhteisöviestinnän valmennus tarjoaa organisaatioiden johdolle, esihenkilöille ja asiantuntijoille uuden näkökulman sisäiseen viestintään – työyhteisöviestintään. Uusi malli korostaa kaikkien työyhteisön jäsenten...

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Communication trainingValmennuksella lisäät organisaatiosi palvelun laatua: Miten viestitte jämäkästi ja samalla asiakaslähtöisesti? Miten toimitte ratkaisukeskeisesti haastavissa asiakastilanteissa? Yhteisillä toimintatavoilla pidennätte asiakassuhteita...

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Palvelumuotoilun perusteet

22.4.2024 | Helsinki | Communication trainingValmennuksesta saat palvelumuotoilukokemusta, osaamista palveluiden tuotteistamisesta, näihin menetelmiä ja työkaluja - sekä rohkeutta kohdata asiakas palveluiden kehittämisen tiimoilta. Ohjelma rakentuu...

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Hard practice and the latest information on communication

Our trainers are top feedback, highly respected experts – the top names in communication skills in Finland! Our learning approach emphasises practicality, functionality and interactivity.

We combine the latest knowledge and best learning practices in our communication training. We favour interactive methods where exercises, feedback and discussion are key. We also take care of the practical preparation of the training.

We put our years of experience in designing and delivering training courses at your disposal. As experienced trainers of communication trainers, we also know how important a motivated, happy and enthusiastic atmosphere is for effective learning.

Gain courage and confidence in communication through communication training

We offer a wide and varied range of communication training courses. Pick and choose from our range of communication training courses to find the best fit for you. Or develop your workplace’s capacity to hit the ground running with our tailor-made communication training courses. There’s a choice.

Take a look at our communication training courses, sign up or request a proposal and make it happen!

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