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Export operations in a nutshell!

What are the key elements in international trade operations that ensure successful, smooth and cost efficient deliveries? How do Incoterms and value added tax relate to each other? How about duty, product and its country of origin?

Everything you always wanted to know about export deliveries (B2B) but never dared to ask!

This training will be held in English. Description in Finnish »

Who should attend

The training is designed for people whose work is closely linked to selling and delivering goods abroad: sales, finance & control, procurement and logistics. Also people working with logistics IT-solutions, legal affairs and various development activities (eg. production manager who is planning to outsource the assembly work abroad) benefit from the training.

The training is also an excellent basic package for people who are targeting for managing export or import deliveries or any other role within international trade.


  • To recognize the importance of your own decisions for successful deliveries and your company’s profitability
  • To ensure timely deliveries and creation of receivables
  • To avoid the factors leading to unnecessary costs and risks
  • a checklist for planning and running the deliveries


Keys to cost efficient delivery chain

  • How responsibilities and obligations, costs and risk are determined by different entities
  • Operations in ensuring receivables

What to know when negotiating contracts

  • Incoterms (delivery terms in international trade)
  • Duties and taxes in a nutshell
  • Country of origin, customs tariff code and possibility for duty benefits
  • Value added tax in international trade
  • Customs clearance procedures
  • Intra-EU statistics (Intrastat)
  • transportation modes, freights and pay weights

Additional information

You can sign up by sending your contact information via email: heidi.leidenius (at)

We also customize company-specific export operations training for your situation. Ask for a quote: heidi.leidenius (at)

Hinta 780 € (+ alv 24%)

The training fee is 780 €/participant. It includes one day training from 9 am to 5 pm, training materials, lunch and refreshments.

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