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Certified Coach Training

Remote - participate remotely! Do you need tools to coach your employees or customers to succeed in their jobs? Would you like to become a professional coach and make coaching your own business?


Certified Coach Training

Certified Coach training will provide you with a variety of coaching skills to be applied in different and challenging situations.

Furthermore, you will meet the training prerequisite for the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Associated Certified Coach (ACC) examination.

To whom

Managers, CEOs, directors, entrepreneurs, specialists, people who want a career change


The programme is designed to give a rigorous training in the ICF’s 11 core competencies (see To achieve this, the programme includes:

  • two models of listening
  • types of questioning
  • the techniques of challenge and support
  • the development of one’s coaching presence
  • the coaching process
  • the elements of the coaching plan
  • the individual coaching session
  • the concept of accountability

The main psychological model referred to is Transactional Analysis.

The programme has a strongly experiential structure

Our philosophy is to teach coaching through personal development. This means that the emphasis is on giving the participants the opportunity to understand and apply the theoretical parts of the programme to themselves and use in particular context. This gives the programme a strongly developmental, hands-on flavour.

A typical learning day will consist of

  • less than 30% transmission of information
  • 30 % processing that information in small groups
  • 40% practicing in coaching triads. In these practice sessions, participants take the roles of coach, client and observer, thus learning from both active and passive participation.

Coaching Core Competencies in action

See how a skillful coach uses Coaching Core Competencies. This may look like a normal discussion, but we let you take a look behind the curtain. In the video our Certified Coach Training participants Kati Tanninen and Marco Valentini use five of 11 Coaching Core Competencies.

Learning method

  • group work
  • mini-lectureslive demonstrations
  • exercises in triads with peer feedback
  • role-play
  • self-assessment

Written work

During the programme participants are expected to keep a learning Journal.

Additional requirements

In-between the modules participants are asked to do some reading, coaching practice and studying in the Internet. This will take notionally 3 hours a week, of which coaching practice in coaching peer one hour a week as a coach and one hour a week as a client.

We recommend that participants read the book Emotional Agility by Susan David between third and fourth session: Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life >>

The programme runs for 10 days, generally starting at 9 am and ending at 5.30 pm.


The Trainer is Léda Turai-Petrauskiene, a Master Certified Coach by ICF, who runs coaching trainings in Europe in several languages and who has gained her coaching experience working with hundreds of managers in profit and non-profit companies. The training language is English and Finnish.

On a six point scale (1…6) Leda's average is 5,88

An advanced learning environment

Our advanced digital learning environment offers:

  • An easy-to-use interface, similar to social networking sites
  • Support for a participatory learning process - even after the training
  • Real-time production and distribution of materials both in virtual and in face-to-face trainings
  • An easy way to engage your supervisor and your colleagues in your personal development objectives

Full ACC examination

10-day programme consists of the necessary training hours (65+ hours) for participants to meet the training prerequisite for the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) Associated Certified Coach (ACC) examination with 11 core competencies. See for the requirements of the full examination.

The Coach Training is organized with Coaching Development Ltd and L-CON Global. JTO Certified Coach Training is same as "Coaching Essentials" which is a part of the ICF accredited ACTP program "Training Professional in-depth Coaching Training". For the application the accreditation of Associate Certified Coach ACC, please follow this path.

Participants can expect to learn

  • common sense criteria for coaching
  • core coaching competencies
  • ability to use the necessary skills for leading a coaching conversation
  • to recognize 'own and others' assumptions
  • to use coaching techniques
  • to co-create a coaching relationship
  • to use support and challenge as interventions
  • to understand of what coaches actually do and how they be

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