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CHINA EXCELLENCE – Leadership, Risk Management and Sales Expansion at Turbulent Times

This training is targeted and tailored for Chairmen, CEOs and China Executives, Corporate Lawyers, CFOs and China Desk Professionals.

The training will provide highly experienced view on how to manage risks and make sales expansion in China. The facilitator is Mr. Jari Vepsäläinen who has helped Finnish businesses to succeed in China for over 30 years,

Target Group


This training is targeted and tailored for Chairmen, CEOs and China Executives, Corporate Lawyers, CFOs and China Desk Professionals.

Course Content

PART 1 – China Leadership Challenges and Risk Management (morning)

China Leadership is not any more a spectator Sports. Excellent opportunities exist, but prepare for proper Corporate Governance or face blacklisting, pitfalls, fraud and personal liabilities.

Legal Representative, Role and Liabilities – How to avoid personal liability?

Legal Compliance Officer and Supervisor – Key tool for Legal Compliance?

China Control and Fraud Prevention – How to make cheating difficult?

Corporate Social Credit System and BlackListing in China – What to expect 2020?

Business in Turmoil and Actions to remedy – How to act in case of legal problems?

Case Presentations:

Case 1 – Legal Due Diligence and Review – topics and issues to be inspected

Case 2 – Supervisor Annual Report – presentation of annual / bi-annual reports

Case 3 – Inter-Company Agreements and Tax Optimization

Case 4 – Fraud Cases, Discovery and Actions – real life events and dismissals

Group Discussions related to:

  • Market entry strategies, business architecture and management structures, taxation planning and profit repatriation plans before entry
  • Long-term profitability in China, business monitoring supply chain, personnel,agents and fraud prevention
  • Costly mistakes in overseeing Chinese laws, regulations and administrative
  • Know-Your-Customers and required business for risk mitigation, procurement, warehousing, financing, administration personnel and cybersecurity
  • New Corporate Social Credit System and usage for betterment of business practises
  • Independent supervisor approach reporting directly to owners and top management


PART 2 – China Sales Expansion, Tendering and IPR

China Market Expansion, Tendering in China and IPR protection. Great Opportunity but what success requires nowadays, how to overcome these and make profitable business in China?

New China Company Law and Foreign Investment Law – Equal treatment or not?

China Tendering, Bid Documents and Contracts – How to enter into Tendering?

IPR Protection, Patents and Utility Models – Key tools for IPR Protection?

Software Copyright and Source Code Protection – Registration requirements?

Business in Problem and how to remedy – How to act in variety of legal cases?

Case Presentations:

Case 1 – Recent China Tendering and Bidding Case – Lessons to learn?

Case 2 – Utility Model Strategy – How to protect copying and gross shipments 

Case 3 – Branding and Marketing – Chinese style of branding approach

Group Discussions related to:

  • Company Law and Foreign Investment Law requirement for equal treatment, transparency and effect to business strategies in China
  • Long-term approach for tendering and bidding projects, profitability and bid monitoring and fraud prevention
  • First-to-File IPR registration principles and costly mistakes of not taking China IPR protection seriously while trying to follow generally known European practices
  • IPR branding build-up, translations and mistakes by filing only with Chinese agents
  • Case studies how to enter into tendering projects, prepare relevant documents, protect IPR effectively in China and proceed with digital marketing effectively in China. 

You can join onsite or online!

The training is held both as a classroom and a remote training. You can decide how you will join the training!

The address of the training venue is Mannerheimintie 15, 00260 Helsinki (Infront of the Helsinki Opera House)

Price 860 € (+ vat 24%)

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