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Online – Business IQ Enhancement for Professionals

This new and unique training helps participants make more money! This is done by improved sales meeting win-ratio.

Usually, when an external sales coach starts lecturing on the topic of “Obstacles of sales”, it is the very lecture itself, which is the obstacle of sales. With this concept, one can be in personal sales coaching for all of the time – without missing any sales opportunities.

Target Group

  • B2B sales professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Maximum 20 participants.


This training is different; this is the ultimate solution combining personalization and online participation. You will be learning while working, making sure that you can apply everything instantly.

This concept is all about putting everything into practice. Therefore, on the top of everything else, participants will also get a personal sales coach app. The app is always with the participants, helping them – even last minute – to run “behavioral micro-experiments” in real life situations and document them accordingly. The app is available for the participants for one year, making the concept even more efficient and effective down the road.


1.Social Styles – social intelligence as a success factor

  • App → Assessment → Profile
  • ”Diagnosis” → ”Cure”
  • Online assigments accordinly

2.Persuasion methods – different ways of selling

  • App → Assessment → Profile
  • ”Diagnosis” → ”Cure”
  • Online assigments accordinly

3.Customer types – different customers, different approaches

  • App → Simulation / AI → Profile
  • Matching both self and customer
  • Online assigments accordinly

Learning Process

There are approximately 20 different means of working and studying. This contemporary micro-learning at its best. Everything is “up, close and personal” – yet one can get help from peer groups all of the time. Most of the work will be done via Claned learning platform, where assignments and peer group support are provided.


The over-arching objective is to make more money – by improved sales meeting win-ratio. This is achieved by following learning objectives and milestones:

  • Accurate assessment of their personal Social Style Profile, including 360 -degree evaluation option.
    OUTCOME → Improved social intelligence. Understanding one´s own personal Social Style, and inherent pros and cons that are embedded in it. Reading of both different situations and different kinds of customers.
  • Unique assessment report of one´s personal Persuasion Profile, which describes participant´s natural way of selling tactics. You cannot get that anywhere else.
    OUTCOME → Broader personal persuasion repertoire or range. Participants will be able to utilize different tactics for different kinds of customers more effectively.
  • Both the learning platform and the app provide tons of new insights that the participants will make their own.
    OUTCOME → The participants learn new tactics and approaches, conduct “behavioral micro-experiments” in real life sales situations and it is the actual successful real-life meetings that make things really sink in at the end of the day – whatever works!

Price 890 € (+ vat 24%)

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