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Speak Business: Strategic planning and project management for cross-border areas

Paikka: Oulu

Speak Business is a joint project of Finnish and Russian educational institutions, which improves young professionals’ project management and strategic planning skills.

Paikka: Oulu

Detailed Program

  • 05.11.2019 Cross-culture issues of business in Finland, specifics of social business
  • 12.11.2019 Strategy and business plan workshop
  • 19.11.2019 Financing and state aids to cross-border business
  • 26.11.2019 Marketing, sales and successful communication
  • 03.12.2019 Project management skills and lean principles
  • 10.12.2019 Business communication webinar and closing seminar

Speak Business aims to

  • identify the needs for social entrepreneurship and business cooperation training in the cross-border area
  • develop a joint study programme for project management and strategic planning to young professionals in the cross-border area
  • build a capacity building centre on project management and social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Karelia
  • organize network building events, seminars and study trips.

News of the Project

  • 19th January 2021 Participating in online Final Seminar within the Karelia CBC Project- presenting MIF’s results and perspectives for development
  • December 2020 Participating in online Conference in Petrozavodsk organized by RANEPA
  • November 2020 - January 2021 Completing digilearning course
  • November 2020 MIF students prepare their cross- border projects
  • October 2020 Elaborating Business Communication material
  • October 2020 Conducting an updating survey with RANEPA
  • September 2020 Preparing Project management material
  • August 2020 Launching and testing digilearning portal
  • August 2020 Preparing Cross culture Finnish – Russian material
  • May 2020 Elaborating the cross – border programs,
  • April 2020 Negotiations and confirming the digilearning course assumptions with Partners
  • March 2020 MIF online council on updated strategy
  • March 2020 Talks with Raahe administrations on developing the MIF program
  • March 2020 Working out the draft of the digilearning course
  • 26.2. – 29.2.2020 MIF Oulu hosted a team of Leaders of Karelia from Petrozavodsk under the CBC Karelia Project “Speak Business”. Our program included: Fin- Rus cross culture issues; presenting topics under “elevator pitch”; interactive cross-cultural simulation, social entrepreneurship issues, entrepreneurship education; tourism (visiting Snow Castle in Kemi) and business matchmaking in Raahe. 
  • 10.12.2019- the end of the course in Raahe, "elevator pitch" course and sharing MIF certificates to the Raahe students
  • 14.–15.11.19 Capacity Days in Joensuu – presenting MIF’s Raahe course
  • 05.11.19 MIF starts 6 trainings within Raahe course
  • 1.–3.10.19 Capacity Days in Petrozavodsk
  • 21.09.19 European Cooperation Day – Petrozavodsk
  • August – September active marketing of the projection Oulu Region
  • August – editing, publishing and sharing of the Speak Business brochures in English and Russian 30.08.2019 – Application process for November course in Oulu launched
  • 26.08.2019 MIF visits the Russian Chamber of Trade in Helsinki
  • 16.08.2019 Starting cooperation with Business Oulu
  • 23.05.2019 Project group meeting held in Joensuu
  • May 2019 Signing the cooperation contract between MIF and Joensuu University
  • April 2019 Project Update Report accepted
  • March 2019 survey on the Project’s clients
  • 06.12.2018 Skype webinar of Project partners
  • 29.11.2018 MIF and Karelian Educational Development Fund signed the Partnership Agreement
  • 02.11.2018 Project kick-off meeting in Joensuu

Target groups are

  • aspiring social entrepreneurs and business managers from Oulu region, Kainuun region, North Karelia, Lapland and the Republics of Karelia (predominantly of Russian descend)
  • district administration officials from the Republic of Karelia
  • teachers of management and project management disciplines of the project area
  • MA students of Economics and continuing education students from North Karelia.

Speak Business is a Karelia CBC Programme project financed by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. It is coordinated by Karelian Education Development Fund, other partners being Management Institute of Finland MIF Oy, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Karelian Branch University of Eastern Finland (UEF Aducate and UEF Business School).


01 November 2018–31 October 2020

Contact information

Project Coordinator: Michal Frackowiak
phone: +358 40 028 1918

Rauno Logrén
phone: +358 400 700 565

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