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China HR Management – HR Kiinassa

Remote - participate remotely! The China HR Management training day focuses on the right practices of running the HR function in China successfully – and with limiting the major risks.


Why China HR Management - HR Kiinassa?

The China HR Management training day focuses on the right practices of running the HR function in China successfully – and with limiting the major risks.

Who Should Attend the China HR Management training

The training is designed for HR professionals who work, or are about to work, with employment issues in China – whether concerning Chinese employees or expatriates.

The three main training themes are:

1. The challenge of having the right people

For a foreign investor, finding the right way to manage the local human resources is important when doing business in China, as the most valuable resource of the 21st century is talent. China has a rich human resource pool since its population is the largest in the world, but cultural differences must be considered as western methods do not work in China. Local talent shortage can be an issue for many positions in China. Thus, if done properly, developing and maintaining local talents can give your company a great competitive advantage in the Chinese market.

2. How Chinese Law affects HR management?

Foreign companies in China are finding themselves in courts because employees can sue their employers free of charge. Employment matters in China must be taken seriously to avoid unnecessary risks! A firm understanding of Chinese laws and regulations related to human resources and payroll management is essential for any foreign investors wanting to establish or already running foreign-invested entities in China. Chinese law places significant obligations on employers to remain legally compliant in labor matters, and knowledge of these obligations is crucial for any company hiring people in China.

3. Expatriates in China

When sending expatriate staff to China many issues from visas to the new social insurance contributions for foreigners need attention. According to the new regulation social insurance should be paid on behalfof foreigners working in China, but local policies governing the implementation of the measures have varied considerably. Especially when a foreign company without a presence in China sends expatriate staff on short term contracts to work in the country, special attention needs to be paid to taxation issues and permanent establishment.

Program Contents

Working with the Chinese – Importance of Talent Management

  • Staff and Workforce Management
  • Building up a China Team
  • Unique Competitive Advantages and Tactics

China HR Recruitment of Professionals and Skills

  • Identification and Selection of Right People
  • Shortage of Talents and Leaders
  • Key Position Holders

HR Contracts, Social Insurances and Regulatory Issues

  • Employment Contract Structuring and Content
  • Managing Monthly Payroll and Social Security, Income Tax and Outsourcing the Entire Process

HR Disputes, Dismissals and IPR Protection

  • Terminating Employment Relationship in Different Cases
  • Documenting Employment Relationship and Evidence Process

HR Taxation Planning and Hong Kong Option

  • Hiring in China Using Hong Kong Structures
  • How to Hire in China before the Establishment of Your Company

Employment Disputes and Cases

  • Employment Arbitration Proceedings – Free of Charge for Employee
  • Case Studies and Fraud Prevention

China Leadership and Future Talent Development Programmes

  • Culture of Leadership and Problems with Western Models

The training is run in Finnish or English depending on the participants; materials are in English.


After the training you are familiar with:

  • How to recruit the right professionals
  • Hiring staff in practice
  • Handling payroll and social security payments
  • Employment contracts and how to protect your company
  • Managing the employment relationship
  • Terminating the employment relationship
  • Foreign employees in China and what to consider
  • What to do in case of employment disputes in China
  • Employing people in China before establishing your company there

You can also participate remotely. Please indicate this in the additional information section of the registration form.

Price 760 € (+ vat 24%)

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